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Adele Deloris Riley

Adele Deloris Riley is an artist who works primarily with fiber and textiles.


Delving into the artistic sensibilities of her Caribbean ancestry, infused with an array of unique fabric manipulation methods. Adele’s work captures when modernity dances with history, generating an exploration of the past towards an appreciative future of perfect balance between tradition and originality.


Her process involves the meticulous deconstruction of reclaimed fabrics, some with sentiment and others to avoid landfill into handmade textile artworks. Threads are softly stretched, frayed, and masterfully sculpted, reimagined into tactile painted layers or watercolour marks that represent coral reefs and anemones.

The method reveals a slow and thoughtful practice, reflecting on our interactions with nature and conscientious customs towards the need for sustainability.


Adele was born in Manchester UK where she currently lives and works.

As an alumnus of Central Saint Martins University holding a degree in womenswear fashion design, she has worked for over a decade with fashion brands on couture and ready-to-wear collections in Paris, New York, London, and Hong-Kong.

Her ongoing love affair with slow art was enhanced at Maison Martin Margiela. The intense training in the Atelier on how to masterfully fashion couture instilled an attention to detail, patience, and dedication to craft along with recycling materials. These attributes continue to form the ethos of her art practice.

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